Advanced Therapeutic Bodywork
Helping 'Tech Neck' to 'What the heck!?'

About Me

I am a life-long athlete who has been an active and not-so-active individual since becoming a professional bodyworker. Life has given me a few challenges to work through since starting as a massage therapist to my water polo teammates in 1994. I had a few bumps with major car accidents. Okay, really it was a lot more than a few car accidents. I can count them on all fingers and toes. In turn, I had to learn how to use my body differently when it was hurting and when it wasn't hurting, because as an athlete if you wanted to play the game you had to just jump in and go for it. Being a bodyworker was no different.

Shortly after the collection of injuries I came to massage school, in Salt Lake City, where I was massaged every day for almost two years. It basically, erased all sign of injury from my body. I had the greatest experience of transformation after having my neck worked on, by the instructor, as a demo model in my first Deep Tissue class. This lead me to wanting to do more than just massage, because the Deep Tissue education portion of school revolved around the ideas of Rolfing. On break that night, after I had my neck worked, I marched into the Career Counselor's office and said I wanted to learn how to do that. I wanted to give other people the experience of transformation in one session, so I learned how to with the Rolf Method 10-series. It became the focus of my studies for three intensive months. Then I learned more clinical stuff to back up the knowledge so I could better interact with the alternative medical community I was interested in partnering with.

I was so excited to work that after graduation I became a massage work-a-holic at 60 hours a week! The Wonder Woman attitude only lasted four years and then I shifted gears to working less and educating more. In doing so, I studied everything I could find about therapeutic massage, and I partnered with The American Massage Therapy Association. With the American Massage Therapy Association, I began assisting states to gain professional awareness in the benefits of massage by creating regulations and rules. (You know, that "fun" stuff that nobody talks about.) While doing so I started receiving regular massage care again and began integrating back into my active lifestyle.

Taking better care of myself as a "Massage Athlete" and as an active individual has created longevity in my career, as a bodyworker, and it has provided me the passion to climb mountains. (Literally and physically.) If I don't see you on the table, I hope to see you on the trails, the local Y, or the Yoga studio.

I would love to cheer you on!